I used Red Rooves recently for 2 separate sales and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an estate agent. Rob & the whole team are extremely professional yet offer a friendly and personable service unlike some other high street estate agents previously dealt with. I never felt like I had to chase them for information yet I also never felt badgered or pressured – they really do have the balance around communication spot on. Rob went above&beyond trying to help push my 2 sales through to ensure we were moved by Christmas, offering advice&guidance along the way. Red Rooves offered realistic and honest advice about the sales – not just telling me what I wanted to hear-which in the long run made the whole transaction run much more smoothly. We are about to put our rented apartment up for sale&will again be instructing Red Rooves – I can’t recommend them highly enough. Rob and the team – thank you for everything you did in getting us moved (just) before Christmas! Jenna