I had the fortune to meet Karen roughly a year ago, and ever since my property journey changed for good. Karen helped me and my business partners not just to find the most unique and perfect deal for us (The Police Station), she was there every step of the way providing and offering help to what has been the most challenging and complicated purchase I have ever witnessed. The amount of quality deals she has presented to us and information she has shared, is ridiculous. As I write this email, she’s securing our second deal together and it is exactly what we were after, so couldn’t be happier with her! She has also taken the time to show us around Liverpool like no one has and no one will, which is extremely appreciated considering we are from the other side of the world! That just shows that she actually cares about us not just as clients but as persons which has led into a great friendship which I now cherish!

It is very hard to put in writing all she means to us, but I hope this gives an idea of how special Karen is for us and the outstanding job she does every day.